What are my Rights after Dobbs?

It is time to make our voices heard – over droning extremist literature, the slicing diction of those stirring discontent, and the roaring sounds of hate. By now, the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs has spread worldwide, and mixed emotions are being shared on social media. The published opinion, more than 200 pages of legalContinue reading “What are my Rights after Dobbs?”

What does an Elon Law Education Mean?

Program Summary Elon Law’s groundbreaking new curriculum prepares students for today’s rapidly evolving legal profession by providing deep legal knowledge, hands-on lawyering skills and a rich set of practice experiences. Emphasis on total student development, exceptional legal knowledge and skills, engaged learning, leadership and civic involvement Small school, emphasizing close relationships among students and facultyContinue reading “What does an Elon Law Education Mean?”